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For those seeking customized guidance through the process of cultivating the wellness mind-set needed to thrive, a one-on-one wellness and nutrition coaching add-on provides a discounted rate for a supplemental coaching package. I’ve consulted with many hundreds of individuals around the world to help them achieve better health, and am happy to offer that bespoke service in conjunction with this program to best help you on your journey.

Along with the full 21 day program, for $349 you will receive:

  • An introductory 1 hour consult before the program begins to iron out your goals, current wellness skill set, and challenges
  • A 30-minute progress session at the start of week two
  • A 30-minute progress session at the start of week three
  • A 1 hour consult at the conclusion of week three with customized tools to help you continue successfully on your wellness path

As an independent service, I book wellness and nutrition consulting at $150 per hour—that means this offer provides you a discount of $130, nearly the equivalent an entire hourlong coaching session for free. You’ll get all the materials of the program, along with multiple hours of personalized guidance to ensure your success. Consults are held via Skype, FaceTime, or telephone.

There only a handful of spots available for this version of Well 2 One. The program begins on December 1, 2019; sign up now to secure your participation and receive your preparation PDF!

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