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Hi! Thanks for wanting to inform me about a product, person, or experience you represent. I love learning more about topics I write about, and created the below lists to make correspondence as efficient as possible for both of us.

Please DO contact me about the following; these are my evergreen areas of interest:

Credentialed Experts: I regularly need to source doctors, dieticians, mental health experts, and fitness trainers. The more I have on file, the easier my articles are to write.

Supplements: Got a new vitamin, nutrient combo, or adaptogen that will change my life? Tell me all about it, please!

Wellness Trends: I aim to stay ahead of the curve on health and wellness and welcome info about any new product or experience that’s science based.

Food Trends: Just like health, I want to know what’s going to be buzzy next in the food space. Bonus points for special diet finds I can incorporate into recipes I develop!

Fitness: Feel free to help me take at home workouts to the next level.

Beauty & Aging: Natural makeup that works as well as chemical-laden brands, serums that will keep everyone beautiful forever, etc., are all fun and useful to learn about.

LGBTQ & POC Owned: I’m here to elevate marginalized voices.

Please DO NOT contact me about the following; I am not ever interested in covering these topics:

Chefs and Nutritionists: I am one, so I don’t need to source any.

White Experts Of Eastern Modalities: Nope. Just nope.

Greens Powders, Vegan Proteins, & “Superfood” Powders: I’m set for life on all of these.

Anything With The Word “Clean” In Its Branding: I don’t want to perpetuate the false dichotomy of “clean” and “dirty” in food or wellness.

Junk Wellness: I’m not into anything that either can’t be studied or has been proven ineffective or harmful. No vagina eggs or steams wanted (despite my past chef clientele).

Ridiculously Priced Anything: Accessibility is vital.

Weight Loss: All bodies are good bodies. Health and fitness don’t = thinness.

Parenting: I’m so, so not a kid person. This includes pregnancy, maternity, baby products, etc.

Obviously Irrelevant Material: Hotel openings and dance club events are lost on me.

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