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Whether you’re experiencing occasional physical or emotional discomfort, feeling the common effects of aging, or coping with chronic illness, private chef Ariane Resnick‘s How to Be Well When You’re Not gives you tools and techniques (and delicious recipes!) for strengthening one simple belief: You can feel better.

Inspired by certified nutritionist Ariane Resnick’s own struggles with Lyme disease and carbon monoxide poisoning, this wellness manual explores the healing capabilities of your own body and mind. While many such guides offer general, one-size-fits-all advice, How to Be Well When You’re Not helps you focus on your individual, specific needs, and utilizes free, simple, accessible tools. With writing exercises, physical practices, and advice for coping with emotional challenges, this book is great for restoring hope in your life and believing you are more — and you are greater — than your illness.

Proven to build health, renewal, and recovery on a cellular level, mindfulness exercises fill you with gratitude for your full self to dispel negative energy and take your identity back, and revitalizing recipes made with whole foods give you the nutrition and delightful flavors for feeling better every day. Additionally, the story of Ariane’s own journey through five years of sickness and the invaluable lessons it taught her, all of which she incorporates in her expertise as a private special diet chef, will help you feel less alone. Once you believe you have the power to recover, hope replaces fear and uncertainty to give your mind the space and time it needs to heal and ease your pain.

For wellness 24/7, private chef Ariane Resnick’s Wake/Sleep focuses on improving two fundamental needs: better sleep and increased energy. Designed as two cookbooks in one, it showcases recipes for wholesome dishes, invigorating bath soaks, and energizing exercises. By flipping the book over, readers can explore the Sleep side, featuring foods, health treatments, and tips for achieving restful sleep. On the Wake side, Chef Ariane shares her expertise on brain alertness and offers recipes for cognitive-boosting foods and beverages. From decaffeinated options like eucalyptus lattes to sleep-promoting dishes like lavender honey almonds, this book guides readers towards a balanced lifestyle for improved sleep and energy levels.

In The Thinking Girl’s Guide to Drinking, private chef Ariane Resnick presents over 100 recipes for cocktails and mocktails crafted from wholesome ingredients with health benefits. These include liver-detoxifying lemons and limes, gut-supporting kombucha, anti-inflammatory ginger, brain-boosting coconut cream, and more. Indulge in these flavorful beverages to feel vibrant and fabulous while maintaining your health and vitality.

Introduce your children to the wonders of wholesome eating with private chef Ariane Resnick’s Disney Princess: Healthy Treats Cookbook, featuring 50 nutritious recipes inspired by cherished Disney Princesses such as Cinderella, Snow White, and Mulan. As the inaugural Disney cookbook devoted to healthful cooking, this guide unveils the expertise of a private special diet chef, enabling you to craft wholesome snacks free from the chemicals commonly found in pre-packaged treats. Encourage your kids to explore their culinary talents and concoct delightful, nourishing treats imbued with the enchantment of Disney.

In private chef Ariane Resnick’s The Bone Broth Miracle, explore how a special diet chef transforms boiled beef, poultry, and fish bones into delicious bone broth meals for the whole family. Discover the myriad benefits of bone broth, including stronger nails and hair, reduced inflammation, improved joint strength, enhanced digestive health, and bolstered immune support. Delve into the deliciousness and healthful properties of bone broth while treating your family to nourishing meals.


“From the science behind gratitude to breathing exercises, this book is a valuable tool for all who seek better health. ”
– Terry Wahls, MD, author of The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles

“Ariane Resnick has managed to create an essential user’s manual for being human. It extends far beyond people who have obvious illnesses. This book is for everyone. Her wisdom, experience, and depth of heart light the pages.”
– Sat Devbir Singh, internationally renowned spiritual teacher

How to Be Well When You’re Not is an honest, succinct, and practical guide dedicated to helping those with chronic illness find their way to healing. Resnick offers us her hard-earned wisdom to make our journey to wellness easier and more enlightened. Full of interesting anecdotes, restorative exercises, and nutritious recipes, this book is certain to empower readers with much-needed tools to employ on their quest for life’s most precious gift: optimal health.”
– Cherie Kephart, author of A Few Minor Adjustments: A Memoir of Healing

“Whether you are trying to overcome an ailment or optimize your overall health and wellness, How to Be Well When You’re Not is a must-read. Not only does Ariane provide progressive nutrition information and cutting-edge recipes, she details the recovery process from a mental health perspective, and provides step-by-step instructions for achieving true health through a multifaceted approach.”
– Aimee Aristotelous, author of Almost Keto and The Whole Pregnancy

“Resnick combines expert tips for optimal health, crucial information about the recovery mind-set, and wonderful wellness recipes. She shares lots of interesting scientific data to back up her writing. It’s well worth exploring more!”
– David Starlyte, ND

“Another great work from Ariane Resnick! She has a unique way of pulling from her personal experience with illness and combining it with her vast knowledge of nutrition. And she does it in a way that isn’t too ‘text book’ for the layperson, while still informative for the most knowledgeable of health care professionals.”
– Antonio Whiteley, LAc, Diplomat of the National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics

How to Be Well When You’re Not is a healing gem! Ariane has tapped into the most important key to overcoming illness: focusing one degree more on health than on the disease itself. She has given her readers a step-by-step guide to not only become healthy, but to become a better person. The tasty recipes remind us to trust our own instincts and enjoy eating as a natural, pleasurable, and healing endeavor.”
– Nancy L. Evans, ND

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