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“Like an owner’s manual for your body,” according to one review, private chef Ariane Resnick‘s Wake/Sleep focuses on two universal needs, better sleep and more energy, and helps you improve both.

With a fun design of two cookbooks in one, Wake/Sleep shows you private chef Ariane Resnick’s recipes for delicious dishes made with whole foods, invigorating bath soaks and body scrubs, and exercises and practices for more energy throughout your day. Flip Wake/Sleep over and see the Sleep side, with its own foods, health and beauty treatments, and tips for falling asleep for a long, restful night.

On the Wake side, Ariane Resnick shares her expertise as a private special diet chef, along with the science about what keeps our brains alert and active. Get recipes for foods and beverages that help you develop a better, brighter cognitive state. If you want to go decaffeinated, this cookbook has eucalyptus, citrus, turmeric lattes, matcha mint gummies, chocolate stout chili, and more!

On the Sleep side, get recipes for foods you can enjoy during the day that promote better sleep at night. Private chef Ariane Resnick shares the science of sleep with baked sweet potato fries, lavender honey almonds, 18-karat milk, calcium-magnesium cherry juice, and more. Turn your wobbly circadian rhythm into a perfect harmony of diet, exercise, relaxing beauty treatments, and positive reinforcement for calming sleep every time.

For more about wellness — AM and PM — private chef Ariane Resnick’s How to Be Well When You’re Not offers tools and techniques (and delicious recipes!) to strengthen the belief that you can feel better. Inspired by her struggles with Lyme disease and carbon monoxide poisoning, later informing her expertise as a private special diet chef, this wellness manual explores your body and mind’s healing capabilities. Unlike generic guides, it focuses on your specific needs with free, simple, accessible tools. Through writing exercises, physical practices, and strategies for emotional challenges, the book restores hope, encouraging you to believe you are more than your illness. Mindfulness exercises and whole food recipes promote health and recovery, while her personal journey offers comfort and companionship, fostering hope and healing.

Want to learn more about cooking with simple whole foods? In The Bone Broth Miracle, private chef Ariane Resnick shows you 49 different bone broth recipes from beef, poultry, and fish bones. Ideal for those on special diets, the book offers flavorful recipes enriched with vegetables, herbs, and spices. Bone broth supports immunity, digestion, and joint health, and enhances beauty by strengthening hair and nails and reducing inflammation.

Have you been using alcohol to help you sleep? When you drink, does it affect your energy the next day?Private chef Ariane Resnick’s The Thinking Girl’s Guide to Drinking offers over 100 recipes for delicious cocktails and mocktails made from healthful ingredients with nutritional benefits. Healing components include lemons and limes for liver detoxification, kombucha for gut health, anti-inflammatory ginger, brain-boosting coconut cream, antibacterial herbs and spices, vitamin-rich green juices, digestive-soothing mint, and anxiety-relieving kava. Enjoy tasty, healthful beverages that keep you feeling sexy, healthy, and fabulous.

Show your kids the deliciousness of simple whole foods with private chef Ariane Resnick’s Disney Princess: Healthy Treats Cookbook with 50 healthy recipes inspired by beloved Disney Princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, and Mulan. The first official Disney cookbook dedicated to healthy cooking, this book shares the secrets of a private special diet chef to help you create nutritious snacks without the chemicals often found in store-bought treats. Kids will be inspired to learn kitchen skills and create delicious, wholesome treats with the magic of Disney.

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