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If you have an idea for a healthier food or drink, chances are Chef Ariane has a recipe for it! Her ability to create recipes out of healthful, whole food ingredients that taste as heavenly as their less-healthy counterparts has been utilized by consumer product good brands, start-up businesses, and food service establishments. Ariane’s experience isn’t limited to small scale production either: from 2009-2012 she ran Rawk-n-Roll Cuisine, a snack food brand that quickly became a Whole Foods bestseller, so she is well-versed at transitioning recipes from the home kitchen to the production line.

Ariane’s recipes have been featured everywhere from Beaming Superfood Cafes to the CostCo circular, in addition to mainstream media such as Cosmopolitan and Food.Com. She has also contributed recipes to books, including Louise Hay’s “The Bone Broth Secret” and Melanie Avalon’s “What When Wine.” When you work with Ariane, you don’t just get recipes from a chef: you’re partnering with a creative force, a certified nutritionist, and an influencer with delicious credibility.

From large stages such as The Bulletproof Conference to intimate gatherings like The W.E.L.L. Summit, audiences have been floored by how much knowledge and motivation Ariane can pack into a speech. This is an aspect of her work she is highly passionate about, as public speaking gives Ariane the opportunity to see in real time how her healing words affect others.

Whether you’re a large brand with notoriety in the food space or a small start-up company looking to break into grocery stores, Ariane can help your products be appreciated by the audience you’re hoping for. She has spoken about products on platforms like Vice and ABC News, and has facilitated the placement of brands at conventions and on television. Her partnership services include everything from recipe development to social media sharing.

Because she only works with products she is happy to personally use, and that she is enthusiastic about from health and ecological perspectives, Ariane’s excitement for the brands she partners with is undeniably real and infectious. Her recipe creations are inventive, such as a gluten and grain free brownie that contains more avocado than any other ingredient, which was featured on grocery store packaging.

For partnership, Ariane is available on either a one-off basis or a contracted monthly retainer. She is proud to be the accessible and informed voice that brands need to grow their audiences.

Home is where the heart is for most of us, and little shows more love for yourself or your family than home cooked meals.

Ariane offers a bespoke remote private chef service customized to your tastes, restrictions, and health goals, with each session providing 3-4 days of food in clearly marked containers.

She can accommodate any special diet or complex combination of dietary restrictions and is versed in diets such as vegan, keto, grain free, vegetarian, low FODMAP, SCD, AIP protocol, gluten-free, raw, Whole 30, soy-free, nut-free, low-carb, allergen-free, nightshade-free, and low-fat. If you are free of restrictions and seeking the tastiest dishes around, she is quite adept at assorted cuisines (including Moroccan, Japanese, Mexican, and Indian), American classics, and comfort foods.  Whatever the dish, Ariane always utilizes local, organic, and pastured ingredients.

Ariane teaches trained culinary professionals tips, tricks, and techniques to accommodate diners with multiple dietary restrictions at once.  If you have a private chef of your own who you wish was better trained to feed your whole family one cohesive meal even though you have assorted restrictions and preferences, or if you are a chef who would like to know how to better utilize whole food ingredients to feed entire groups of people with complex needs one meal instead of several simultaneous ones, Ariane can help. She has trained chefs in cities including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Paris.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice who can scarcely boil pasta, or an accomplished home chef who wants to take on a new cuisine; Chef Ariane is an expert at making new ventures enjoyable regardless of your current skill set. Her kitchen is casual, and her instruction style is anecdotal and easy to follow. Your lessons will feel more like cooking with a friend than learning from a teacher as you discover that complex dishes can be simply mastered.

Many people espouse the impact of nutrition on health, but there are fewer of us who have experienced its full effects firsthand. Ariane Resnick survived both chemical poisoning and chronic/neurological late stage Lyme disease, spending about half of her early 30s laid up with chronic illness. She utilized only natural methods to heal, eschewing the typical long-term antibiotics given for Lyme patients, and has been free of any Lyme symptoms since December 2010. (At her sickest with Lyme, Ariane had fibromyalgia so severe, she could not walk more than a few steps unassisted.) The chemical poisoning that affected Ariane in 2012 left her with cognitive impairment so intense that she received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s from Cedars-Sinai; in 2013 she made a complete recovery via only diet and holistic remedies.

The combination of Ariane’s salubrious upbringing and nutrition education, her years spent in the modeling industry with its focus on size maintenance, and her time naturally handling illness have given her a solid breadth of knowledge on the role that food can play in one’s well-being. Ariane does nutritional consulting for clients with an emphasis on getting in touch with your body and its unique needs rather than focusing only on what foods are “right” for your ailment. Just like with her cooking, she can accommodate any dietary restrictions. Nutritional consulting can be scheduled in conjunction with private chef work, or on its own. In addition to nutrition, she offers wellness consultations in person or via Skype, with a focus on recovering from diseases naturally. Ariane is living proof of the adage, “Fall down eight times, get up nine,” and is always happy to share her insight.

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